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  • Before the appointment
    I always strongly recommend that you make sure to eat at least one good meal and drink water before you come in! I typically ask that you do not shave the area prior to the appointment if you don’t shave regularly to avoid the risk of razor burn and irritation of the skin.
  • Colored ink?
    I obviously use a lot of colored ink when I tattoo! Colored inks, especially lighter colors, tend to fade faster than black ink, although how long any kind of ink takes to fade can vary a lot from person to person. When I design my work, I try to keep a balance of black and colored ink so that even if some of the color fades, the tattoo is still readable.
  • Touch ups?
    Because I use a lot of colored ink I recognize that parts of my work will inevitably fade over time! Because of this, I will always do the first touch up for free, regardless of how much time has passed since the appointment. If, down the line, you think you would like to come back in to get it freshened up again, each subsequent touch-up appointent is $40.
  • Where are you located?
    I work at Skin and Soul Tattoo in Bellevue, Washington!
  • Flash?
    Flash are pre-drawn, ready-to-tattoo designs that tattoo artists put up for grabs for clients to pick out! I do both repeatable and non-repeatable flash, meaning some of my designs are available to be done on multiple clients over and over again, and some of them are only one-time unique pieces.
stabbed bird
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