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Interested in an Interview?

Get $50 off the cost of your tattoo!

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To add to the content I already post on my instagram and tiktok pages, I want to start posting interview-style videos with the people I tattoo!

So far this is just something I’m experimenting with, but it’s something I’ve been wanting to do for a while!

Do you have a story you’ve been dying to tell the world?

A special interest you’d love to ramble about?

Any topic is fair game!

Unless otherwise requested, I’ll keep all my clients’ faces out of the video, and if we do ever talk about something that you’d rather not make the cut, just let me know and I’d be happy to make sure to edit it out! 

If you are selected for an interview, I’ll knock $50 off the final price of your tattoo as a thank you for participating!

While I’m still getting started with this style of content, I have to be selective with applications, as I’m not able to make this kind of thing very frequently! Thanks in advance for your understanding :)

Interviews can only be done during regular tattoo appointments at my home shop. If your appointment is during an event or a guest spot, you are not eligible for an interview.


Interview Application

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