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Flash Gallery

Flash are pre-drawn designs that artists make available for clients to choose!

I have both Unique designs and Repeatable designs available, and I release new sets every few months! keep an eye on my instagram for updates ;)

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Repeatable Flash

These designs are repeatable, and can be tattooed on multiple people! They are intended to be smaller and cost a little less than the repeatable flash- Color and size are flexible for all these pieces!


Keep in mind that I get a lot of requests for these pieces at once once they're posted, so some of these might already be taken before I can update this page. if there's one you have your eye on, feel free to book for it, but it might be a good idea to include a second choice in the 'notes' section of your booking submission!

Unique Flash

These designs are all non-repeatable, meaning that they can only be tattooed once! If you get one of these, you'll be walking away with a totally unique tattoo :)

Size is flexible for all of these, and minor color and design changes would be okay for some!

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