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Custom Bookings Closed!

I’m not taking bookings for custtom tattoos for the time being, keep an eye on my social medias to see when I reopen them!


📍Bellevue, WA

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Upcoming Events

This is a list of all upcoming events, guest spots, and conventions I'll be working! Keep an eye on my instagram for updates :]

Cryptid Art and Tattoo Expo

Tattoo convention

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📍Tacoma, WA

July 20 & 21, 2024

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About the Artist

My name is Mar, and I use she/her pronouns :]

I started tattooing 2 years ago while I was studying animation.  


Most of my work is inspired by what I grew up loving as a little nerd in the Pacific Northwest-- the Lord of the Rings, How to Train your Dragon, even down to like Dragon Tales. Honestly, if it involves a dragon in any way, I was there.

Obviously I was very popular.

Tattooing means a lot to me aside from just being a super cool job where I just get to draw all the time and no one has an issue with it.

Realistically, we have almost no say in how we look. For me, tattoos represent our ability as individuals to take control back over our bodies and decorate them in ways that represent who we really are, rather than just what we were born with.

Bodily autonomy is very important to me, so being the person that can offer this control to others makes me incredibly proud and grateful. :]

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