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Paris, France


I’ll be on a trip until May 18 and will NOT be responding to any submissions aside from guest spot bookings!

I’ll leave bookings open so if you would like to submit, feel free! This just means you wont hear back from me until I get back :)

Looking for some new ink?

If women, dragons, and swords are your thing, you're in the right place.

Sphinks Tattoos

I’m not taking custom bookings for the time being, check out my flash if you’d like a tattoo!

Custom Books Closed!

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Upcoming Guest Spots/Events

These are all upcoming guest spots and events I will be participating in! Keep an eye on my instagram for info and updates :)

Guest Spot

Paris, France

Rayon Noir

May 3-4, 2024

May 10-11, 2024

A Nighttime Revelry

July 20-21, 2024

Olympia, Washington


Cryptid Arts and Tattoo Expo

July 20-21, 2024

Tacoma, Washington



About Me

My name is Mar! (she/her)

I began tattooing in Paris when I was in school studying animation, and I moved back home to the Pacific Northwest once I finished my apprenticeship. Soon after I started working at Skin and Soul Tattoo in Bellevue, Washington!

Most of my work is inspired by my childhood favorite books and movies- anything that had a dragon in it, I was obsessed with, and that very much shows in my work. I was obviously the most popular kid in middle school.


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