About Sphinks Tattoos

Based in Chingford, London E4, we do tattoos across every style you could think of - portraits, old school, new school, black and grey, full colour, tribal, Japanese and so much more. Bring in your ideas and all of us here at Sphinks Tattoos will assist you in making sure you receive the tattoo you'll be proud to wear for the rest of your life. Aside from custom tattoo work, we offer a huge range of tattoo flash for you to choose from. Come down to Skphinks Tattoos studio and see what our family of tattoo experts can do for you.

Sphinks Tattoos is co-owned by Bartek and Jimmy. Their passion for tattoos and delivering an exceptional service are what make the shop environment such a pleasure. The staff at Sphinks Tattoos will make you feel as comfortable as possible, and will always strive to provide you with the highest standard of consulation and professionalism. Bartek and Jimmy will help you as much as possible to satisfy your tattoo needs with onsite consulations and advice, we can work together to create a successful experience. Our main aim is to maintain and improve the high standards of creativity and customer service achieved in the past, which has made our reputation stand out.

Every step of each single tattoo is important to us, from general enquires to the creation of individual designs and the delivery of the final product.

Get in touch today, call us on 07920 061 604 or email at info@sphinkstattoos.com

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